Ci3000+ Weather-Ometer/ Fade-Ometer

The Ci3000+ Weather-Ometer and Fade-Ometer with their advanced digital control systems, represent monumental achievements in applying digital and optical technologies in easy-to-use laboratory weathering instruments. The 3000 Series is approved by many OEMs in the textiles, paints & coatings and plastics industries as the exclusive platform to deliver accurate, reproducible and repeatable results for predicting service life. The 3000 Series has been certified CE, UL, CSA, ISO and EN compliant.

Key features of this instrument include: a rotating sample rack to maximize uniformity over all specimens; custom designed nozzles to provide uniform specimen and rack spray; ASTM Black Panel Thermometer or ISO/DIN Black Standard Thermometer to control and monitor temperature at specimen level to ensure test repeatability.

  • 4500 W water-cooled xenon arc lamp
  • Total exposure area of 2,188 cm2 (339 in2)
  • TFT full color 12" touch screen control panel display of all test parameters
  • Direct setting and control of Black Panel Temperature; uninsulated (BPT) or insulated (BST)
  • Direct setting and control of relative humidity
  • Direct setting and control of specimen chamber air temperature
  • Display of diagnostic messages
  • 14 factory pre-programmed test methods (Weather-Ometer); 6 factory pre-programmed test methods (Fade-Ometer)
  • Space for 12 custom programs; sub-cycle capability
  • Multi-language capability (English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Turkish)
  • Streaming data output via ethernet or USB port. USB thumb drive included
  • SmartDamperTM to reduce test variability in chamber temperature and humidity and compensates for changes in ambient lab conditions
  • SmartLight MonitorTM verifies that correct light capsule is installed
  • Filter combinations available to meet all common test methods
  • Air intake dust filter
  • CS-7 xenon lamp cooling system
  • Chamber viewing window in door
  • Universal electrical configurations to meet local frequency, voltage, and electrical requirements
  • Meets CE, UL, ISO EN and CSA safety requirements
  • Automatic test countdown based on time or radiant exposure
  • VibraSonicTM Humidification System
  • Specimen Holders available to accommodate many sample types
  • Calibrated xenon reference lamp
  • Water purity indicator
  • XenoCal irradiance calibration device for independent irradiance calibration and measurement at the sample plane
  • Textile Kit for AATCC Test Method 16 and/or ISO 105 B02
  • LiquiAirTM Xenon Lamp Cooling System (Top- or Wall-Mount)
  • Lockable latch for chamber door
  • Auxiliary filter lantern for special automotive interior and textile test methods

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