Cleanflex Easy ionising air gun - 24V ionisation gun

The Cleanflex Easy ionising air gun can be used for cleaning and neutralising surfaces. It’s unique features, not seen in any other ionising guns, make it very versatile to use. Ergonomic, hand or pull down, less air consumption, low noise, better blow-off force.

  • Rugged design
  • 24V DC supply voltage
  • Surface cleaning
  • Airflow control with trigger
  • Working distance: 300 mm
  • Ergonomic
  • Supply Voltage: 24 V DC / M12 connector
  • LED indicator
  • Pull Down functionality
  • OSHA safety standard
  • 24V DC input voltage and integrated ionisation power unit
    The Cleanflex Easy has a 24V input voltage, easily connect by a standardised M12 connector. No cumbersome high voltage cable and big transformer unit as seen in traditional ionisation guns.
  • Lightweight
    A Durable plastic housing and a well-constructed weight distribution make it a well balanced comfortable gun to use.
  • Ergonomic design
    The grip has been designed to suit women’s as well as man’s hands and has a soft grip and grip fixation making it very easy to hold without any muscle tension.
  • Full hand trigger (no RSI strain on one finger)
    The air flow is controlled with a full hand trigger, making operation very comfortable. No strain on one finger as in traditional ionisation guns.
  • 70° adjustable nozzle angle
    The air flow nozzle can be set to 4 positions covering a range of 70°, making it possible to set the flow in the optimal direction for obtaining the best cleaning results and creating an ergonomic condition for the operator.
  • Safe blow-off nozzle opening
  • The nozzle opening has been constructed as a ring making it impossible to block the complete air stream when the tip accidentally touches body parts and preventing injuries due to too high air pressure.
  • Low Noise and Reduced air consumption and improved blow-off force
    A special nozzle opening design, making use of air amplification principles, enables the Cleanflex Easy to produce a very compact air stream, with low noise, reduced air consumption and improved blow-off force compared to other anti static guns.

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