Compression tester model 122 and 152

Lansmont’s Model 152 Compression Test System is specifically designed to efficiently and accurately evaluate the performance of individual packages, pallets, and unit loads under compressive forces.With exclusive TouchTest Compression 3™ (TTC3™) Windows™ based interface software, the 152 Series are extremely easy to quickly learn and operate.Closed-loop control and hydraulic technology guarantee accuracy, tight control, and repeatability. Years of trouble free operation are ensured as a result of the Model 152’s proven, rugged, and reliable design.

The Model 122-15 is a large format servo-hydraulic compression test system that utilizes the TouchTest 3 control system. With a 48 inch square platen and 15,000 pounds of force, the Model 122-15 is designed to evaluate the load carrying capability of individual shipping containers, pallets, unit loads, and large bulk containers.

Property: Compression & Crush

Product details: Model 122-15

  • Dimensions
    319 x 168 x 122cm
  • Weight
  • Power supply
    110 V AC - 60Hz - 20A
    220 V AC - 50Hz - 10 A

Product details: Model 152

  • Dimensions
    371 x 203 x 152cm
  • Weight
  • Power supply
    115-200 V AC, 50/60Hz, 15-30A

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