Crystaltherm Moisture balance

The CrystalTherm Infrared Moisture Analyzer has been designed to be used in the food, industrial, professional or laboratory sectors. It determines the dry matter after the drying process of the previously weighed sample. During the process you can see the decrease of the moisture content on the display. It is also an ideal analytical tool to accurately determine the consistency of materials and volatile and fixed substances.
Equipped with a Gibertini thermobalance with maximum capacity of 100 g or 200 g with 1 mg resolution and oven temperature from 40 ° to 200 °C, it is able to determine with high-precision the moisture percentage with an accuracy of 0.01%.

Property: Balances

  • Max capacity 210 g
  • Readability 1 mg - Repeatability ± 1 mg
  • Moisture accuracy +/- 0,01% with minimum weight of 10g
  • Moisture repeatability +/- 0,02% with minimum weight of 10g
  • Pan diameter 120mm
  • User friendly graphical display for results and product set up
  • Minimum sample weight 500 mg
  • Programmable sampling time from 1 minute to 8 hours
  • Oven temperature from 40° to 200° C, Fahrenheit/Celsius scale selected from keypad
  • Memory to store 10 product testing parameters
  • TIMER or DATA STABLE sample processing (time/temperature or weight loss depending)
  • Beeper alarm indicates end of test
  • RS 232 for printing, PC connection
  • On/off oven function
  • Power
    230 volts / 50 Hz /110 volts on request
  • Dimension
    21x36x30 cm
  • Net weight
    9 Kg
  • Ambient working temperature