CleanIon DD

The CleanION DD webcleaner is fitted with two MEB anti-static bars to neutralize static electricity before and after cleaning. Two brushes are fitted between the bars to brush the dust particles from the surface to be cleaned. The loose dust particles can then easily be evacuated by the suction nozzle fitted between the two brushes. The CleanION DD is available in lengths from 60 to 1800 mm. A power unit integrated in the vacuum cleaner supplies the required high voltage.

  • Contact surface cleaning
  • Up to 1800 mm length
  • Perfect for paper and carton
  • Vacuum system
  • Working distance: contact
  • Working width: 60 - 1800 mm
  • Housing material: aluminum, painted
  • Inner bar material: PVC
  • Weight: depending on size
  • Ambient temperature: 0 - 55 °C
  • Use circumstances: industrial
  • Pererating voltage: 7 kV AC
  • Brush: soft, non scratching animal hair
  • Connection suction hose: 40 mm Ø
  • Suitable power unit: integrated in the vacuum cleaner