Rotor Spray

The liquid agents are metered through a pipe into the centre of the rapidly rotating rotor plates. The centrifugal force accelerated the liquid to a special figured rim, from which the fine droplets are dashed away. The spatial distribution of the droplets is independent of the metered liquid volume. The diameter of the droplets is dependent of the rotating speed of rotors, the viscosity and the surface tension of the spray liquid and are in most applications, between 30 and 100 micrometer.

  • Spray application of water or chemicals in aqueous solution or dispersions
  • Automatic adaptation of the spray quantity to the web speed
  • Automatic cleaning cycles
  • Spray liquids: Temperature up to 60°C, pH 2 to 8, viscosity up to 200 mPa/s
  • Spray width: 180 to 5.700 mm
  • Spray quantities: 10 to 4.000 ml/(m•min) = up to 10 ml/m2 at 400 m/min
  • Simple entry of the application quantity at the Touch Panel in g/m2 or % of web weight