Rolling Ball Tack Tester

Fast and economical, the Rolling Ball Tack tester provides an easy method of testing the tack of an adhesive. It quantifies the ability of an adhesive to quickly adhere to another surface.

The Rolling Ball Tack tester meets the standards set by the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council (PSTC-6) and ASTM (ASTM D3121) for tack testing a pressure sensitive adhesive.

  • Dimensions
    6,5cm x 23cm x 6,5cm
  • Weight
  • Various size balls available
  • Various material balls available
  • Solid aluminum construction, made to withstand many years of laboratory use
  • CNC machined inclined trough, engineered for a smooth and accurate test
  • Extra care taken in the design to minimize a "bounce" at the ball-to-tape interface
  • Simple loading

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