Automatic film applicator

The Automatic film applicator ensures linear motion and application of the film with repetitive and high quality results, thus avoiding variable factors.

Essential in the preparation of samples for testing rheological properties, resistance to abrasion, hiding power and gloss.

It is used to prepare a wide variety of product samples such as colour formulations in paints, varnishes and adhesives.

Property: Gloss and coatings

It stands out for its compact, robust and precision design along with its flexibility in allowing digital adjustment of speed, start, stop and stroke position.

  • Featuring a wide range of speeds from 40-200 mm/s.
  • Compact size (202 x 405 x 169 mm): Recommended for all types of laboratories.
  • Resistance to possible paint splatter: Anti graffiti and paint spillage.
  • Keys and large non-touch screen. Easy to use with unclean hands. Recommended for painting environments.
  • Option of adding weights and different types of applicators including spiral bar coaters without the need for tools.
  • Glass base to ensure the flatness of the sample.
  • Economical to justify the investment compared with a manual applicator
  • Speed: 40-200 mm/s. 16 configurable speeds.
  • Sample size: 200 x 170 mm. Thickness 3 mm.
  • Maximum length: 200 mm configurable.
  • Width of bar coater 250 mm (180 mm with spiral)
  • Display: TFT 4.3” colour LED
  • Dimensions: 202 (width) x 405 (depth) x 169 mm (height)
  • Weight: 7 kg
  • Consumption: 12 W, 220/110 V

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