Automatic Densometer & Smoothness Tester - Gurley model 4340

The Gurley model 4340 Automatic Densometer & Smoothness Tester combines the abilities of textile, standard and high pressure Densometers, S-P-S Testers as well as our programmable digital timers and provides a reading in seconds, thus reducing the time required to test a material.

By utilizing state-of-the-art mass flow technology, the Model 4340 can accurately test both low and high flow materials traditionally tested between 0 and 50,000 'Gurley Seconds'. At the end of either an automatic or manual test, the user can then toggle between Gurley units, Bendtsen, Sheffield or Bekk equivalent units.

Application: Paper & Pulp

Property: Air permeability

The Model 4340 differs from the traditional manual Densometers in several ways. First, the Model 4340 utilizes the latest mass flow and servo-regulator technology to provide a quick, accurate test that is oil-free. Second, pneumatic cylinders insure both a consistent clamping pressure as well as an automatic test feature; which allows the user to test a sample several times without constantly opening and closing the test area by hand. Third, with the addition of an auto-drive mechanism, the user can program the number tests as well as the span they are tested over. Therefore, a sheet or strip of paper can be analyzed automatically, with output in either Gurley seconds, Sheffield, Bendsten or Bekk equivalent seconds.

By utilizing several state-of-the-art mass flowmeters, in addition to a servo-regulator, the Model 4340 can accurately test both low and high flow materials that have traditionally tested between 0 and 50,000 'Gurley Seconds'. A typical test involves the Model 4340 automatically choosing the optimum test pressure (called 'AUTO-SELECT') based on the amount of flow recorded on the corresponding flowmeter and then displaying the test time. At the end of each manual test, the user can toggle between either Gurley units, Bendsten, Sheffield or Bekk equivalent units. If an automatic test was chosen, the user can toggle between alternate equivalent units, after the mean and standard deviation has been calculated and displayed.

If desired, the user can predetermine the units they want displayed (called 'USER-DEFINED'). This feature allows the user to directly compare his or her older manual unit with the results achieved with the Model 4340, even though their particular material would typically test at a different pressure and provide different Gurley values (e.g. standard 'Gurley Seconds' vs. high pressure seconds). Please refer to 'TEST TYPE SETTINGS' for more information.

  • Dimensions 23,5 x 40 x 32cm
  • Weight 27 kg
  • Power supply 220V, 50Hz
  • Porosity and smoothness of paper, textiles, paperboard, films, membranes, filter media, packaging, perforated metals and others.
  • Quality control - Air permeability can be a direct representation of the uniformity of material.
  • Analyze effects of treatments such as coatings, sizing agents, inks, resins or other additives
  • Porosity and smoothness tests
  • Automatic and manual test modes