Automatic Stress Crack Tester (PET)

The Stress Crack Tester has been designed for automatic stress crack tests on PET bottles.

The instrument is available as CR-6006 for 6 samples or the CR-6012 for 12 samples version (other versions on request).

The samples are filled with water, pressurized with compressed air and according to the test stress crack procedure immerged into a solution of sodium hydroxide. By monitoring the time until the bottle cracks the stress crack resistance of the bottle material can be evaluated.

The CR-6006 can be operated with up to six test heads for bottle samples – all together simultaneously, or each test head individually.

The test chamber of each test head is designed as independent circle, means that tests with various concentrations in solution, and in case of a damage on any sample a chemical contamination of the other test circles is assured.
Each instrument is equipped with a manual pressure regulator working at pressures between 1 up till 80 psi (0 till 5.5 bars).

Application: Beverages, Bottle Pressure

  • Measurement of the the internal pressure of each sample individually (and compensation of the pressure each 30 seconds)
  • Individual pressure transducer at each test station - for the individual evaluation of each sample.
  • Independent continuous test process for all samples (even after some samples fail)