Air Permeability Tester - AirPerm

The AirPerm automatically measures the flow of air through a given area of a fabric under a set of controlled variables. The tester is suitable for most fabrics, including woven, nonwoven, air bag fabrics, blankets, ...

The AirPerm makes air permeability testing much more affordable while maintaining confidence that test results meet international and retailer standards. Designed to meet air permeability standards for paper, textiles, and non-wovens, the AirPerm provides quick, straightforward results in the unit of measure of your choice.

  • Long, sturdy clamping arm over large test table
  • Single press clamping/test initiation
  • Single press sample release
  • Automatic measuring range selection
  • Quick change of test heads
  • Automatic test head detection
  • 8 selectable units of measure
  • Samples up to 8 mm thick

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