Air Permeability Tester - AirPerm

The AirPerm makes air permeability testing much more affordable while maintaining confidence that test results meet international and retailer standards. The measuring range covers dense papers and airbag fabrics as well as extremely open nonwovens and forming materials.

Application: Textile, Fabrics

Property: Air permeability, Permeability - Package integrity

  • Automatic ranging system detects the size of the installed test head and determines the pressure range required
  • The powerful, yet quiet vacuum accommodates a variety of test plates to suit every application and features easy calibration for daily checks.
  • The long arm and large table allow for larger samples to be evaluated in multiple areas.
  • 20 cm testhead standard for calibration
  • Performs “Face Mask Testing” to EN 14683
  • Full color touch screen controller
  • Test results can be stored to the main controller for retrieval or a USB drive for remote printing
  • Side drawers for test head and accessory storage
  • Performs “Foam Testing” to ASTM D3574 & EN ISO 7231 (optional foam test fixture is required)