Gurley Bending stiffness tester - Model 4171S

The Bending stiffness tester Gurley - Model 4171S measures the force required to bend a variety of materials under controlled and repeatable conditions. This force may be equated to stiffness,resilience, flexibility or pliability depending on the nature of the materials and purpose of the test. This digital bending resistance/stiffness tester can be equipped with a parallel clamp and tubing clamp and connects to a computer via RS-232.

Application: Paper & Pulp, Cardboard

Property: Bending resistance

  • Dimensions
    66 x 68,5 x 56cm
  • Weight
  • Easy to use
  • Virtually no maintenance required
  • Capable of evaluating more different sample sizes, weights and thicknesses than any other simular instrument
  • Meets the most rigorous accuracy and sensitivity requirements
  • Simple to operate, require virtually no maintenance
  • Output in Gurley units (milligrams), grams, centimeters and millinewton meters
  • Gen. manufacturing control (testing packaging, cards, containers, wire, tubing, plastic and metal parts,...)
  • Medical manufacturing (testing adhesive bandages, laminated or coated materials, catheters,...)
  • Textile testing (effect of laundering, filling, starching or coating)
  • Research (product development & quality control)
  • Chemical, temperature and other treatments (effect of softening, stiffening, radiation and environmental expo sure)
  • Custom applications

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