Martindale abrasion and pilling tester

The Martindale is a versatile instrument capable of multiple abrasion and pilling tests. It uses precision components to deliver the exact abrasion or pilling movement required by all international and retailer standards. The touch screen controller, with the most common functions accessible in one or two touches, makes this the easiest Martindale in the market to use. Our 9-position instrument is designed to conserve valuable bench space while providing maximum testing capacity.

Application: Paper & Pulp, Textile, Fabrics

Property: Abrasion

  • Touch screen controller with individual station counters
  • Light weight motion plate and storage rack
  • Multiple speeds can be used for custom tests
  • Test head choices include standard abrasion, pilling, sock abrasion, and many custom setups
  • 6, 8, or 9 position base uses the least bench space of large martindales
  • Available in a small four-position base
  • UKAS Calibration Certificate available upon request
  • Dimensions
    740 x 600 x 350mm
  • Weight
  • A user-friendly touchpanel
  • Revolval of individual sample holders for examination without lifting the top plate
  • Possibility to set a higher speed
  • Both 9kPa and 12kPa weights are standard included
  • Single Head or Multi Head
  • Industry