Handle-o-meter(HOM) Softness tester

Measure the combined effects of flexibility and surface friction of sheeted materials including nonwovens, tissue, toweling, film and textiles with Thwing-Albert's Handle-O-Meter. This instrument provides a way to quantify a material’s softness and with MAP4 software you can look at real-time data and expand on the analysis.

Application: Textile, Paper & Pulp

The Handle-O-Meter measures “handle” which is the combined effects of flexibility and surface friction of sheeted material such as nonwovens, tissue, toweling, film and textiles. The data generated has been shown to correlate well with the actual performance of the material in production processes and finished product performance. This instrument expedites the evaluation of a product by replacing the use of a sensory panel to measure softness or hand feel which can be subjective and time consuming.

Measurements are obtained effortlessly. Simply place the test sample over the slot that extends across the instrument platform and hit test. A penetrator beam pivots on a cam, engages the sample and forces it into the slot. An LVDT, in conjunction with a torsion bar, measures the resistance encountered by the penetrator blade as it moves into the slot. Stiff materials offer greater resistance to the motion of the beam as it moves into the slot. Rough materials also exert resistance as they are dragged over the edge of the slot. The combined resistance is reported on a touch screen display.

Two interchangeable beams are available which provides versatility for testing different materials. Quickly change between a 100 gram and 1000 gram beam. With auto ranging, the Handle-O-Meter immediately detects the beam in use and adjusts the range and resolution accordingly. The slot width is also adjustable to accommodate samples of varying thicknesses.

Test modes can be quickly set for single, double or quadruple measurements. The average is automatically calculated for double or quadruple tests.

Advanced software enables the unit to compute and display qualitative analysis of the test results including averaging, standard deviation and the high & low readings of a series of tests.

  • Dimensions
    25,3 x 30,5 x 32cm
  • Weight
  • LCD Display
  • Adjustable slot opening
  • Interchangeable beams:
    0-100 g
    0-1000 g
  • Optional sample plates include teflon coated plates for testing plastic film
  • One-touch zero
  • Statistical analysis
  • RS-232 PC interface and serial port
  • Industry
    Nonwovens, Plastic Film, Tissues, Towelling, Textiles
  • Teflon Coated Plates Teflon plates are recommended for use with plastic film to reduce static friction.

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