MAP4 Materials Testing Software from Thwing-Albert

MAP4™ Materials Testing Software is designed to analyze the data captured on Thwing-Albert testing machines. This software is compatible with the Vantage Series of universal testing machines, FP-2260 Friction/Peel Tester, ProTear Touch Elmendorf Tear Tester, and the Handle-O-Meter. With this software, complex analysis is simplified with a built-in library of industry standards that can be modified to meet specific testing applications.

Windows 10 Compatible

Property: Tensile - Universal Testing Machine (UTM)

MAP4™ Materials Testing Software was designed to become the single source software for all of your Thwing-Albert Instruments. This software runs the EJA Vantage Series of universal testing machines and is also available for the FP-2260 Friction/Peel Tester, ProTear Touch, and Handle-O-Meter.

Materials Testing Testing software offering advanced features for data management and custom configurations capabilities including:

  • Real-time Graphical Test Results
  • User Customizable Test Methods
  • Create Custom Presentation Templates
  • Share Video and Sound Training
  • Control Your Test Result Display
  • Simplify Analysis by Tracking Variables
  • Group Statistics for Powerful Analysis
  • Easy Unit Conversion Built-In
  • Multi-Lingual System Capabilities
  • And more…

This software can run tensile tests, COF tests, peel tests, puncture tests, burst tests, compression tests and many other configurations can be used to meet industry standards including ASTM, ISO, TAPPI, INDA, DIN and more.

MAP4 Testing Software replaced MAP3 and Simplicity Software. Please request a quote if you would like to upgrade from these older software versions.

Compatible with Windows 10 Operating Systems.