Moisture Management Tester (MMT)

The MMT is the only instrument on the market that can precisely measure the liquid management properties of performance and technical fabrics, ensuring the comfort and protection that consumers demand.
To measure the dynamic liquid transport properties, a sample is placed horizontally in the instrument between the upper and lower sensors. These sensors are made of concentric rings of pins. A solution, representing perspiration, is dropped on the center of the upper facing (skin side) of the test sample. As the solution moves through and across the sample, the changes in electrical resistance are measured and recorded. A 2-minute test gives a comprehensive profile of a fabric’s performance, producing the following data:

  • Overall Moisture Management Capability
  • Accumulative One-Way Transport Capability
  • Wetting Time for top and bottom surfaces
  • Absorption Rate for top and bottom surfaces
  • Max Wetted Radius for top and bottom surfaces
  • Spreading Speed for top and bottom surfaces

Application: Textile, Fabrics

  • Weight: 27kg
  • Dimensions: 210mm x 320mm x 250mm (WxDxH)