MEJ anti-static bars

MEJ anti-static bars are often used on production machines were short range ionisation is possible and where no moving machine parts are interfering the ionisation.The properties of this Simco-Ion anti-static bar are the same as those of type MEB, except that the MEJ type is round. Therefore mounting this anti-static bar via holes in the machine frame is possible.

  • Short range
  • Compact
  • Up to 6 m length
  • Working distance: 30 mm max.
  • Housing material: Anodised aluminum
  • Inner bar matarial: PVC
  • Emitter pins: Special alloy
  • Cable: Metal shielded
  • Weight: 0,56 kg/m
  • Ambient temperature: 0 - 55 °C
  • Use circumstances: Industrial
  • Operating voltage: 7 kV AC
  • Options: Right angle cable exit
  • Suitable power uni:t A2A7S / MPM

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