Inclined Impact tester 213-6K

The IT 213-6K performs inclined impact tests which simulate distribution handling hazards. Our design meets industry specifications with the added benefits of some innovative design ideas.

  • Articulating carriage system for convenient loading
  • Handheld controller for safe operation

Property: Inclined impact

The unique articulating carriage pivots to load the test item. With the top surface level, it’s safer and easier to place the test load on the carriage with a forklift. The carriage lowers into its testing position and then you can begin performing impacts. Lansmont’s pneumatic articulation system is fast, safe, and reliable.

The IT 213-6K carriage dimensions are 84 in. (213 cm) square. The impact surface (backstop) is 96 in. (244 cm) square. The IT 213-6K can test payload s weighing up to 6000 lbs. (2721 kg). The standard system can generate a maximum impact velocity of 7.3 ft./sec. (2.2 m/sec.).

The handheld controller allows an operator to position the carriage while remaining safely away from the machine. Built-in safety interlocks protect the operator from potentially dangerous conditions.

  • Maximum Impact Velocity: 7.3 ft./sec. (2.2 m/sec.)
  • Max Payload: 6000 lbs. (2721 kg)
  • Carriage Size: 84 in. x 84 in. (213 cm x 213 cm)
  • Backstop Size: 96 in. x 96 in. (244 cm x 244 cm)
  • Integrated safety interlocks which disable the system when triggered.
  • Velocity meter for measuring impact velocity.
  • Test Partner data acquisition.

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