IonClean HU XS

The compact design of the IONCLEAN HU XS L (only 75 mm deep) and its various working widths make integration easy. All connections are located at the back. The choice of a left or right hand version means that the connection side can be optimally adapted to on-site conditions, even for cleaning from both sides, making these cleaning hoods ideal for use in tight or awkward spaces. The HU XS L is equipped with linear air jets as standard.

A specific power supply unit is mandatory.

  • Optimum cleaning results, thanks to ionisation and rotary jets / linear air jet with simultaneous extraction
  • Use of left or right hand version enables cleaning on both sides
  • Compact design
  • Housing Material V2A   
  • Active width From 87 mm   
  • Grid width 42.5 mm  
  • Overall width Active width + 4 mm   
  • Dept 75 mm   
  • Pressurized air linear jet   
  • Vacuum aspiration Dust collector D = 50 mm, Special "Jacob" pipe option   
  • Voltage 1 x 4 kV AC   
  • Acoustic noise 72 db (A)   
  • Power supply A2 A4, MPM 24