Ionclean B cleaning box

The cleaning box "IONClean B" is equipped with 2 ionizing bars, type MEB. These ionizing bars are neutralizing the static load during the cleaning process. A specific air channel is installed at both sides of the cleaning box to ensure particles and dirt to be removed by the box itself. The particles and dirt are removed by means of suction cleaning, by an integrated cleaner.

  • Non-contact cleaning
  • Improved cleaning results
  • Ionization of soil particles
  • Extraction of soil particles
  • System Solution
  • Housing Material V2A 
  • Voltage x 7.0 kV 
  • Frequency 50 or 60Hz 
  • Active length 100 to 600 mm 
  • Grid 100 mm
  • Dust collector D = 76 mm 
  • Transvektor D = 51 mm 
  • Connections ionization 2 x 10 mm 
  • Compressed air Transvektor 1 x 10 mm 
  • Power supply A2 A7 S

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