IonClean RB 080

The process relies on a brush rotating against the travel direction of the product to be cleaned and simultaneously treats the product with ionised air. The brush is height adjustable and can therefore be adapted to suit the product to be cleaned. The disturbed dirt particles are efficiently and fully extracted. This also keeps the brush clean.

The RB 80 has a working width of up to 1200 mm. It features a variable speed motor. The brush – with a diameter of 80 mm – is available in different materials and is suitable for any application.

  • Product ionisation
  • Extraction of dirt particles
  • Brush rotates against direction of travel
  • Brush is height adjustable and is matched to the individual product
  • Integral brush cleaning
  • Voltage 24 V DC / 20 A 4.0 kV AC 
  • Max. ion current 3 mA 
  • Width from 200 mm 
  • Grid 100 mm 
  • Acoustic noise 72 db (A) 
  • Brush D = 80 mm 
  • Vacuum aspiration D = 80 mm 
  • Max. pressure 5 bar 
  • Certification CE 
  • Power supply A2 A4 S