Laboratory sheet dryer Rapid Kothen

The TD-RK is a laboratory sheet dryer designed to be used along with any Rapid Köthen type Laboratory Sheet Former. This newly designed dryer meets all specification of applicable standards and replaces traditional Rapid-Köthen drying stations saving laboratory space and maintenance costs. Its elegant design integrates a balanced combination of simplicity, ruggedness and high technology that ensures excellent performance with minimal requirements for installation, operation and maintenance.

  • Drying area 315 cm2 / diam. 200 mm
  • Drying temperature from 25 to 97 °C (adjustable)
  • Drying time from 0 to 99 min (adjustable)
  • Power supply 220 VAC single phase, 800W
  • Air supply 2 bar, dry, clean, 0,1 m3/h