Worker Leak and Flow Tester

The TME Worker™ is a high resolution (0.0001 psi) instrument that can be confi gured as a Leak Tester, a Leak and Flow Tester, or a Leak and Occlusion Tester and is available in both pressure and vacuum models. The two-line vacuum fluorescent display is easy to see and large lighted indicators indicate pass/fail test results. The TME Worker has PLC controls for semi-automatic operation and two-way RS-232 communication capability for downloadable program selection and uploadable data.

Application: Pharmaceutical and medical

Property: Burst resistance

  • Test mode
    Pressure or Vacuum, single or differential
  • Timer ranges
    1 tot 1000sec.
  • Units
    Psi, inches of H20, kpa, mbar
  • Controls
    Tactile push buttons, keylock, power On/Off switch
  • Power
  • Dimensions
    8,0"W x 13,7"D x 8,73H
  • Industry
    Automotive, food, medical and pharmaceutical industry.