Nonwoven inspection system

Nonwoven inspection system for online monitoring of both aesthetic appearance and physical defects.

NIS 200 is a modular system to inspect and to protocol the web quality produced and to constantly monitor the production line in order to detect arising problems.

The nonwoven web is monitored continuously with high resolution cameras for defects and misprints. Defects are graded into defect classes. Real time images of the defects and twodimensional quality matrix sheets facilitate adjustments, setting of tolerances and analysis as well as the subsequent creating of roll reports or the setting of markings for the following process steps.

  • Online detection of physical defects such as thin spots, spills, streaks, wrinkles, holes, folds, homogeneity, optical density, cloudiness etc.
  • Detection of aesthetic defects such as moscitos, contamination, colour spots, colour shades, printing defects etc.
  • NIS 200 permanently monitors the production process for drifts of optical density, variance of fibre deposition homogeneity, of cloudiness and streaks.
  • Modular system with a variety of illuminations, camera systems and software modules guarantees for highest adaptability to the vast variety of nonwoven products. Applicable also for technical, textile and automotive fabrics as well as for glass fabrics and composite fabrics.