Testing equipment for cardboard

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Burst tester for paper & board - Bursting Strength Tester (Mullen method)

Laboratory equipment with pneumatic clamping to determine Mullen burst in board and paper. Large colour touch screen burst...

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Box compression tester

Box compression tester (BCT) - Compression strength tester

The box compression tester is designed for testing compressive strength on corrugated boxes/cartons according to international standards. Compressive...

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Electrical circular sample cutter

For preparing 100 cm² circular samples on paper, cardboard, textile and other materials. For grammage or other properties...

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Crush tester

Crush Tester of Corrugated Board and Paper Samples, for the determination of pressure resistance of board. Sample compressometer...

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Sample preparation - Rycolab multi cutter

For the preparation of several samples simultaneously.

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Concora medium fluter Rycolab

Rycolab Concora medium fluter

For the preparation of corrugated samples for CMT and CCT tests.

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Short span compression tester (SCT Test)

The Short Span Compression tester (SCT Test) is used for paper or board stripes with 15 mm width...

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Ect Billerud

Sample cutter for ECT - Billerud type

Billerud pneumatic cutters for cutting samples for ECT test. Equipment with two blades of one edge for parallel...

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Strip Punch Cutter

Circular sample punch cutter

The Grammage Cutter has been designed to cut 100 cm² circular paper samples to assess grammage. Grammage in...

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Puncture Tester

Puncture tester

For measuring the required energy to puncture corrugated board and cardboard. The test consists of puncturing a board...

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