SAVER™ Data loggers

Saver 9 X30 Data Logger Standing

Lansmont’s SAVER™ shock and vibration data loggers or data recorders use internal triaxial accelerometers to measure and record tens of thousands of targeted acceleration time-history events of interest. The collected shock, impact and vibration data allows for assessment and characterization of both the dynamic and atmospheric hazards present within transportation and in-use environments. All SAVER data loggers use the SaverXware operating software, which allows for user-defined programming of the loggers, as well as data analysis and reporting.

The SAVER products are divided into two categories, based upon their primary applications –Monitoring and Measurement.

Monitoring applications record and log only those key events when user-defined threshold criteria are exceeded. These applications are valuable when users have established “not-to-exceed” event amplitudes associated with their products and cargo.

Measurement applications record thousands of shock and vibration events, allowing for complete, detailed characterization and analysis of targeted transport and in-use environments. In addition to triaxial acceleration data, SAVER shock and vibration data loggers also log the date, time, temperature and humidity associated with each recorded event. Some SAVER products also have the ability to log and report on atmospheric pressure, tilt and GPS location.

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