What's the torque required to open a bottle cap?

Torque force to open/close twist caps

Torsion, torque force or opening/closing force is the force required to open/close a bottle or other containers with a screw cap.

The cap should be sufficiently closing the bottle to make sure the content is not running out of the packaging, and on the other hand it should be easy to open.

Measuring the torque force


The key to quality control of caps and closures is to imitate their opening action or actions in a repeatable way, and measure the torque forces involved.

Once torque tolerances have been defined, the cap torque tester is used as a torque control device on the final product. If measurements with torque measurement devices are out of the limits, the capping machine needs to be adjusted.

For many routine tests, where precise reproducibility, user independency and special test procedures are necessary, an automatic operated torque measuring device is an optimal solution.

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