1.1. This service contract is valid for one year.

1.2. To be able to benefit from the contract conditions, there is a subscription period which is mentioned on the contract. After this date, the advantages of this contract are no longer valid. Maintenance and calibration can nevertheless be effected at the full rate. 1.3. It will be renewed by mutual agreement for a period of twelve months.


2.1. OPTION A: includes one full service and calibration visit a year:

2.1.1. Service once a year includes:

  • Inspection of the general state of the instrument.
  • Control, and if necessary, cleaning of the sensors.
  • Inspection of all moving parts of the instruments, lubrication, if necessary.
  • Check of all controls for measured and set values.
  • Check of security devices.
  • Note remarks of operators.
  • Changing, if necessary, of spare parts such as air filters, water filters, lamps and light filters (parts not included, see below 5 and 6).

2.1.2. Verification and calibration includes:

  • Record of all parameters prior to the calibration
  • Verification and calibration are done as per inspection report.
  • Verification and calibration are performed by service engineers, approved by the manufacturer.
  • Verification, calibration, settings, tolerances, ... are checked only according to directives and instructions as published by the manufacturer of the instrument; other standards, directives, publications etc. are not applicable.
  • Calibrations are performed with measuring devices which are certified by an independent organisation.

2.1.3. Supply of a calibration certificate:

  • One exclusive calibration certificate is supplied.
  • Verifications and calibrations as performed by Rycobel are in conformance with the clause ”Control and Inspection of Test equipment” of the quality assurance system ISO 9001/2, where the certificate together with the report could form the registration of the performed calibration.
  • If the most critical parameter(s) in the calibration is done within our ISO 17025 scope, the calibration report will be delivered under accreditation of ISO 17025.

2.2. OPTION B: includes two full service and calibration visits Option A a year


3.1. Devices used by Rycobel for verification and calibration are periodically checked by approved laboratories according to a recalibration schedule.

3.2. To close the traceability chain of the devices used by Rycobel, the customer can ask a copy of the calibration certificate(s) of the device(s) used. If you cross this option on the servicecontract, then a copy will be sent by post together with the calibration certificate of your equipment at a fixed cost independently of the number of certificates.


4.1. Deficiencies on instruments need to be reported in advance by the customer in order to enable a repair.

4.2. Instruments that were maintained or repaired by a person not approved by Rycobel.

4.3. Instruments not installed or used as per manufacturer’s instructions and specifications or equipped with non-original consumables.

4.4. Instruments in such a bad shape that these have to be returned to the manufacturer for repair.

4.5. Costs involved due to circumstances as in above paragraphs will be invoiced against our standard fees.

4.6. Equipment which is not regularly maintained as specified will be excluded.

4.7. All changed parts or used materials will be invoiced additionally.

4.8. Extra time required because of inaccessibility of the equipment, wrong use, move of the equipment, safety regulations, unavailability or negligence will be invoiced.

4.9. The service engineer must have the possibility to park close to the equipment in order to have the necessary materials nearby. All additional time needed because of a distant parking place will be invoiced in addition.


5.1. This price is fixed for one year and includes maintenance, calibration, travel costs, accommodation costs, used materials for the maintenance and the calibration certificate.

5.2. The total price of the offer is only valid when all mentioned equipment can be serviced and calibrated during the same visit. If this period needs to be divided, new offers will be sent for approval.

5.3. Extra costs because of situations as described in paragraph 5 will be invoiced separately.

5.4. The price is a binding agreement for 2020 and includes the service visit, calibration visit and the calibration certificate.

5.5. Copy of the calibration certificate of the used calibration and measuring devices can be obtained at a fixed cost of 25 EURO.

5.6. Changed parts, when applicable, will be charged separately.

5.7. Intermediate service visits will have following discounts:

  • Option A: 15% on the standard fees (travel and labour rates)
  • Option B: 25% on the standard fees (travel and labour rates)

5.8. Free telephonic technical support for the included instrument(s)

5.9. All prices mentioned are VAT excluded. The amount of the contract will be invoiced after the service visit.