Discover the new Taber® Rotary Abraser

Used to evaluate a material’s resistance to wear, a flat specimen is mounted onto the Rotary Abraser turntable platform that rotates on a vertical axis. As the turntable rotates, contact of the specimen against the sliding rotation of two abrading wheels cause wear while a vacuum system removes loose wear debris during the test. The resulting abrasion marks form a pattern of crossed arcs in a circular band that cover an area approximately 30 cm² .

Discover the Taber® Rotary Abraser Model 1700/1750

Taber® Rotary Abraser - Wheels

Taber® Rotary Abraser - Wheels

Used with the Taber Rotary Platform Abraser, two abrasive wheels create the circular wear path recognized as a “Taber test.”The choice of abrading wheels should be based upon the wear the specimen material will be subjected to in actual use.

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Taber® Grit Feeder model 355

Taber® Rotary Abraser - Grit Feeder

The Grit Feeder, model 355 is a instrument used in conjunction with the Taber Abraser. During testing, abrasive grit particles (e.g. aluminum oxide) are uniformly and continuously distributed onto the specimen surface at a specified rate.

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