Burst resistance or bursting strength

What is bursting strength?

Volt Burst resistance

Bursting strength or burst resistance is a property of a plastic, paper or corrugated board -used in packaging- and is general a guide to the strenght of that plastic, paper or corrugated board. With a burst tester you define the pressure needed to burst a plastic, paper or paperboard.

Mullen Test

A Mullen (bursting) test is a specific test performed to measure the bursting strength of paper or paperboard. In a burst test according to the Mullen principle , the paper sample is placed between two ring-like clamps, and a hydraulic pressure is used to inflate a rubber diaphragm, which expands against the sample stretching it.

The measure of the total hydraulic pressure expanding the diaphram at the time the sample ruptures is its bursting strength. Mullen tests are typically performed on papers and boards designed for use in packaging, bags, and envelopes.

How to measure bursting strength?

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