P-VW 1210

Climate Corrosion Test Cycle (VW/Audi)

This standard specifies a test method to determine the corrosion resistance of automotive bodies, assemblies and components. It is cyclic in nature, i.e.; test specimens are exposed to changing climates over time.

Test specimens are placed in an enclosed chamber and exposed to a changing climate that comprises of the following 3 part repeating cycle. 4.0 hours exposure to salt spray according to DIN 50 021-SS. This is followed by 4.0 hours exposure to an ambient climate according to DIN 50 014-23/50-2. This is followed by 16.0 hours exposure to a condensing water climate according to DIN 50 017-KK.

This 24 hour cycle is repeated for 5 days (nominally Monday to Friday). This is then followed by 48 hours (nominally a weekend) exposure to an ambient climate according to DIN 50 014-23/50-2, before the entire cycle repeats.

Please see elsewhere in this document for details of DIN 50 021-SS, DIN 50 014-23/50-2 & DIN 50 017-KK.

This is a VW/Audi test standard.