Quickpeek - Colour and ink proofing kit

The QuickPeek® color proofing kit provides a fast, inexpensive method for making an accurate color proof for whatever purpose the printer or ink maker may need. Provide an inexpensive fool proof method of checking ink color and strength for the ink maker and printer.

The kit consists of: a smooth flat plate, a steel measuring bar and plunger for obtaining an accurate predetermined volume of ink, a steel spatula for filling the measuring bar and pipe cleaners for cleaning the holes in the measuring bar.

Property: Ink testing

Quickly accomplished, use the handy guide to determine the amount of ink required for the press and paper stock to be used. Put the required amount in the holes in the measuring bar and then push ink out onto the surface of the roller. The ink is then rolled out onto the plate until evenly distributed on entire surface of plate and roller. The inked-up roller is then rolled out on the desired paperstock. This shows exactly what color your press will print with the ink being tested

  • Eliminate press downtime
  • Ensure correct color and trapping
  • Prevent offset and sticking
  • Accurately indicate quantity of ink required
  • Eliminate the need for work off inks
  • Provide quick, inexpensive, accurate proofs of ink on colored stock or when overprinting another color.
  • Provide proofs to test drying time, rub-off resistance and light-fastness
  • Show ink color change when dry
  • Produce quick color proofs for customer approval

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