DryRate 201 - Drying Rate Tester - Heated Plate Method

DryRate 201 is a fully automated and advanced instrument with a heated metal plate, which simulates human skin starting to perspire at 37 ° C, that determines the drying rate based on evaporation rate from the fabric. The instrument comes with a touch screen controller for setting parameters, monitoring testing status, and reading final results. For more detailed analysis, testing data can be transmitted to a computer for real-time test curve display.

Application: Textile, Fabrics

Based on the principle of a wetted fabric against a heat source with air flow, the evaporation of water will remove heat to reduce the surface temperature. Detecting the temperature of the fabric surface accurately determines whether the textile has become completely dry.

  • Operate as a stand-alone unit and via a computer
  • Automatic and manual selection of water dosing
  • Real-time display of ambient and chamber temperature & humidity on touch screen
  • 7-inch capacitive touch screen controller to instantly set parameters and monitor test status and results
  • Test data can be transmitted to the computer for real-time test curve display with automatic report
  • Closed-loop control system (heated metal plate and air flow) secures consistent test conditions
  • Accurate water volume determined by the built-in precision water pump
  • Built-in high precision anemometer (air flow sensor) and infrared thermocouple probe
  • Specialized software calculates the end time and drying rate R of each test
  • Multiple test-curves overlay display for efficient comparisons of fabrics

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