TBOS: Blow-off frame & tunnel

When leaving the site, trucks simply drive through the TBOS installation. The TBOS blow-off system blows the wasted pellets off your truck. Which makes trucks leave your site without any pellets still stuck or on the truck.

For centralising the blown-off pellets, Rycobel offers you two options: The movable blow-off frame or the tunnel solution. Both solutions have a dual function. They are designed so that the blown off pellets can be collected centrally and disposed of efficiently, e.g. with a sweeper truck. There is also the danger of trucks driving through the system too quickly or thoughtlessly. This increases the risk of damage to the system or to the truck. Both the arrangement with walls and the tunnel offer the best protection for your installation.

Moveable frame

With this solution, we will place the TBOS installation in a structure where there is a combination of concrete blocks, a steel frame and a safety net. Besides a protective function, the concrete blocks immediately provide the foundations for the TBOS installation.

Rycobel skb

In turn, the safety nets around and around the system collect the blown-off pellets. The angled elements on the concrete blocks allow the pellets to unwind in the passageway, making it possible to start clearing them efficiently.

The construction of this structure is designed to be portable. Which makes it possible to install it in any place on your site without major works.

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TBOS in a tunnel

TBOS Tunnel

In this setup, we are going to place the TBOS in a tunnel. The walls of the tunnel will hold back all blown-off pellets.

In the foundation for that tunnel, we recommend integrating a collection system. That way, you can easily collect and clear away the granules that have been blown off. We can also provide that collection system in consultation with you. The foundations themselves are at the customer's expense.

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