Vortex AC coolers: Easy installation for quick cooling of cabinets and enclosures

Increased ambient temperatures are tough on plant employees and equipment alike, especially sensitive electronics and controls housed within cabinets and enclosures. Vortec’s Electric Vortex AC models are pre-wired, easy-to-install solutions that are operational in minutes to quickly cool sensitive electronics and controls. Cooling capacities of 900/1500/2500 BTU/hr allow users to select a model to optimize performance and operating cost. These thermostatically controlled devices maintain enclosure temperatures at a user-defined temperature, and because they only operate when necessary, they reduce operating costs. At just 62 dBA they are substantially quieter than standard vortex coolers. Electric Vortex AC models operate in environments up to 175°F, making them ideal for many industrial and commercial environments.

These proven products operate effectively at 40-150 psi pressure levels, and do not require a specific pressure. With a small footprint and versatile mounting options, these units can be used on all enclosures, even in confined areas. Electric Vortex AC units maintain a slight pressurization in the enclosure while running, ensuring that no ambient, dirty or humid air enters the enclosure. Each highly reliable model includes a full 10-year warranty. All units are supplied with air filter and ducting kit, and install in minutes.

Vortex tube technology is at the heart of Electric Vortex AC units. Vortex Tubes convert compressed air to a low-pressure cold air source to keep electronic enclosures and panel components protected so they can operate precisely. A compressed air stream enters the vortex tube where it spins rapidly, splitting into hot and cold air streams.

With low initial cost and lower maintenance costs compared to air conditioners, fans, or thermoelectric coolers, Vortec technology is an essential part of many of the hottest and dirtiest industries, including refineries and petrochemical facilities. With trouble-free operation in ambient temperatures up to 175° F (80° C), Vortec Enclosure Coolers prevent costly shutdowns and massive production losses.

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