Softness and thickness testing

Allow us to introduce the Handle-O-Meter, a pinnacle in softness testing, measuring the combined effects of flexibility and surface friction of sheeted materials. There's also our Progage Touch thickness tester, a proof of precision measurement that ensures your products meet the highest standards. Together, these instruments embody our commitment to delivering excellence and reliability in every aspect of your testing needs.

Handle-O-Meter for softness testing

Homtouch 1

The Handle-o-Meter(HOM) is a testing machine developed by Johnson & Johnson and now manufactured by Thwing-Albert, which measures the "workability" or "handle" of sheet materials i.e. the combination of their surface friction and flexibility. It was originally used to test the durability and flexibility of toilet paper and paper towels. Now it is also used to measure the rigidity of packaging films. It has been shown that the data collected during the testing of these nonwovens, fabrics, towels, films and textiles correlates with the actual performance of these specific materials as a finished product.

Three different test modes can be applied to the material: single, double and quadruple. Double and quadruple tests are automatically averaged.

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ProGage Touch Thickness Tester

Pro Gage Touch Micrometer

Thwing-Albert's ProGage Touch thickness tester is a precision deadweight micrometer. Its advanced technology enables fast, accurate measurement of sheet materials such as paper, plastic film, cloth, non-wovens and textiles. Featuring a color touchscreen and intuitive user interface, operators can perform tests and report critical data quickly. Several configurations available. Optional software and Feeder

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