SDL Atlas Redesigns Launder-Ometer®, the Standard Instrument for Colorfastness to Washing

SDL Atlas, a global leader in textile testing solutions, introduces the next-generation Launder-Ometer®. The new design offers enhancements to testing efficiency, ease of use, and safety in a sleek look.

Launder Ometer Pressrelease Web0429

The large capacity Colorfastness to Washing instrument now features press in place containers, either 550 ml or 1200 ml, which make loading samples simple and efficient. The Launder-Ometer also now has an automatic door that opens and closes with the press of a button. Sensors automatically stop the rotor from turning when the door opens. Additionally, the updated instrument now has an intuitive full-color, multilingual touch screen controller that comes pre-loaded with standard tests. The controller displays the remaining time of the test and a flashing light signals completion of the test. Optional detachable side-mounted container holder conveniently stores sample containers when not in use.

The new Launder-Ometer is equipped to pair with the revolutionary RemoteAccess, Remote Instrument Monitoring Application. Through the App, operators can now track the real-time testing progress of instruments anytime, anywhere, on the go, no longer confined to laboratories during long tests. The App allows operators to view remaining testing time against the end of a test, giving them good grasp of the testing status with a glance of the App. RemoteAccess is available for download on iOS and Android devices.

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