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RYCOLAB is our own range of innovative packaging testing equipment  for measuring productcharacteristics for paper, tissue, board and sample preparation.

Package testing has never been easier

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Packaging testing has never been easier. The instruments come with touch screen controls to make test selection easy and intuitive.  All our devices are conform to international standards.


We have know-how for many years in physical testing to offer the best solution for your business. The RYCOLAB product line can be used to measure paper and packaging burst, tensile, smoothness, roughness, ... and several other product characteristics.


No matter if you need advice or a device requires a check-up, our service team work together with you to provide the best possible on-going support. Whether you need turnkey installation, calibration and maintenance, hands-on training. 

Testing equipment for paper and pulp

Testing equipment for cardboard

Sample preparation

Leak detection for packages


This non-destructive and off-line leak detection system using the vacuum decay method to measure very small amounts of headspace gas leaking from a wide range of flexible pack types and sizes.

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The tissue water absorption tester defines the absorbency of tissues.

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Rl 2018

The latest Rycolab catalog, edition 2018, is there. With more than 30 products, this catalog guarantees a clear overview of the Rycolab range of test equipment for measuring product properties of paper, cardboard, fabric and sample preparation.

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