Transport simulation

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What is transport simulation testing?

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Transport simulation testing is the application of simulating the effects of transport to the goods and equipment which are being transported. It simulates a real transport under standardized conditions.

This transport simulation testing include effects of vibration, drop or shock, impact as well as other climatic environments ( such as humidity, temperature, ...).

Tests are performed not only to test the effects of transport on the product itself, but also to test the adequacy of shipping container design and the interaction between product and container during shipping.

Vibration testing

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Vibration Test Systems are used to evaluate resonant frequencies of product and package designs and simulate the random vibration that occurs in the distribution or in-use environment.

The vibration test systems are simple to operate safely and can perform a wide range of vibration tests in accordance with government, industry and corporate specifications.

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Drop testing


Drop testing determines the ability of a package to withstand the impacts during the shipping and handling. Lansmont Drop Test Systems are the gold standard for accurate and repeatable drop testing.

Due to the drop tests, the package can be optimized to save costs and avoid losses.

The drop testers are available in different models depending on the package size, weight and application

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Shock testing

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Shock tests accurately measure the fragility of products and evaluate how they respond to specific shock inputs. Shock test data is key information when determining if your product is capable of withstanding its intended distribution and use environment. For any mechanical shock testing application, we have the right solution.

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Compression testing

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Stacking forces or compression forces generated during warehouse storage and transit can generate severe compressive loads. Box compression tests (BCT) or stacking crush tests are an essential part of the packaging design process. We offer a full range of compression test systems to determine the performance of unit loads, individual packages, components, and materials under compressive loads p.ex boxes, cartons or tanks. This information enables the engineer to minimize damage, costs, and liability due to stacking failure.

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