Vibrotex crimp tester

Vibrotex 400 allows quick and easy determination of crimp properties like crimp removal or contraction and crimp recovery as well as
crimp stability. Results are represented graphicaly as well as in terms of figures on the connected PC.
Vibrotex 400 has been developed specifically for crimp testing, hence features a unique clamping and force measuring system assuring highest reliability of the results.

Application: Textile, Yarns

Determination of physical crimp properties of single staple fibers (crimp removal/ contraction crimp recovery, crimp stability, etc.). Additionally, modulus numbers are given from which the shape of the crimp is estimated.

The fiber is loaded into the instrument‘s electromagnetic clamps at a minimum pretension (1 - 2 mg/dtex) by using paper weights. When starting a test the „tension vs. elongation“ curve is recorded while the crimp is carefully removed by extending the fiber up to a tension level which allows to extrapolate to the standard crimp removal tension of 1 cN/tex. This careful procedure ensures that crimp properties remain unaffected for the recovery measurement. After the trip level has een reached, the movement changes direction towards relaxation of the fiber - still the tension is recorded until reaching the initial tension level (pretension).