Vertical laboratory fluter

For the preparation of corrugates samples for CMT and CCT tests

A sample of 6 x ½” (152 x 12.7 mm) is prepared by means of a sample punch. It is inserted into the sample inlet at the top of the instrument. When the start button is pressed, it is introduced and molded by the heated riffle plates. The sample is then ejected from below and can be taken out. The riffle plates return to their initial position. It is important that the sample has the correct width of 12.7 mm.

  • Energy optimized due to its excellent design. Power consumption only 200w instead of the approximately 2.000w that consume the horizontal machines.
  • Heating system . Directly heated rifle plates. The heating is built into the riffle segments. Therefore heat transmission is very efficient and uniform. The instrument takes approximately 15 minutes until the working temperature of 175ºC is reached.
    The temperature can be set accurately to 1ºC.
  • Test samples are introduced from above.
  • Connections:
    • Electricity : 110 – 220v, 50 – 60Hz
  • Weight and Dimensions
    • Weight and dimensions (only equipment) : 480 x 200 x 360 mm (W x L x H) / 20 kg
    • Weight and dimensions with packing box: 580 x 380 x 380 mm (W x L x H) / 30 kg