HVUL2 flame chamber

The HVUL2 Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber is designed for the flammability testing of plastic materials used in consumer electric devices and appliances. The chamber is constructed of stainless steel with a black interior and large sliding window for easy viewing. The HVUL2 includes a fully adjustable specimen support and a precision metered gas burner. Three digital timers with remote control are mounted in the inside back wall of the chamber, allowing for precise and simplified operation.

Application: Textile, Fabrics

  • Burner angle adjustable to 0º, 20º, 45º
  • Interior light
  • Gas control system
  • Remote control with push button reset for in-chamber event timing.
  • Interior Dimensions
    122 cm (48") W x 112 cm (44") H x 60 cm (23.5") D
  • Exterior Dimensions
    122 cm (48") W x 140 cm (55") H x 61 cm (24") D