Hegman Grindometer

Intended for measuring the thinness of grind of paints, lacquers, varnishes, inks, pastes etc. Indispensable in the manufacture of paints and airless applications, when the appropriate nozzle is to be chosen.

This instrument is intended for measuring the thinness of ground paints. It is also used in food (f.e..: chocolate) and pharmaceutical (creams) industries.

Property: Gloss and coatings

  • Consists of a hardened and gauged part, which makes it more economic, lighter and smaller.
  • It is delivered with a hardened scraper, in a practical leather case.
  • Elimination of the notches for the scale that used to be necessary. The scale is not part of the measuring surface anymore, but rather electrically inscribed in the sides. This makes cleaning simpler, it is sufficient to use a cloth, and the readjustment is easier and cheaper, when the measuring surface is worn.
  • It is made of corrosion resistant steel. Greasing or special care is not necessary, so it can also be used in watery agglutinating agents.
  • All the executions also have the graduation in Herman-NS scale, which prevents wrong indications of the grain.
  • Good value for money, it features two slots, so that by measuring a single sample a double determination can be achieved.
  • INTA’s version is excluded. This model only has one measuring slot, but it is equipped with three scales, in NS and in mils. The NS scale is found in the measuring surface, close to the slot.
  • In addition to the graduation according to NSA, the scale FPVPC can also be used. In the chart on the back the connections between the different units are shown.