Ge-Te-Flow Permeameter

The GE-TE-FLOW Permeameter is a fully automatic, computer-controlled instrument for testing the water permeability of geotextiles, fleeces and related materials in conformity with EN ISO 11058.

  • Conforms to EN ISO 11058.
  • Falling head method, using two-cylinder-system and pressure sensor.
  • Ideal for quality assurance tests and dependable routine inspections.
  • Fully automatic instrument control and data acquisition at optimized time intervals by PC and Windows® software.
  • Automatic display of the VIH50 index value acc. to EN ISO 11058

Application: Textile, Non-wovens & fibres

By means of the GE-TE-FLOW Permeameter you measure the VIH50 velocity index of the material to be tested – conforming to the relevant standard and with the greatest ease of operation.

The system analyzes the rate of water flow through the specimen as a function of the hydraulic head difference – fully automatic and computer-controlled – in a two-cylinder- system with pressure sensor. Measurement data are acquired automatically and continually at optimized time intervals.

  • Dimensions
    860 x 440 x 340mm
  • Weight
  • Power Supply
    230 V AC, 280 V aC
  • Industry