Digital perforation meter - Puncture Resistance Tester

It is used to determine the energy absorbed or resistance to the perforation of corrugated cardboard used for packaging. Robust equipment that measures energy by launching a pendulum with a contact pyramid. Simulates the resistance of cardboard to strong impacts, such as forklifts or trucks. Different scales up to 48 joules (larger scales on request). Equipment with touch screen and complete statistics. It can be connected via RS-232 and USB output to a PC or printer.

  • Steel frame design to avoid loss of energy produced by any vibrations during test.
  • Pendulum with arm in a circular angle of 90º.
  • Striking head in triangular pyramid.
  • Power unit according to standard: J.
  • 4 reading scales (6-12- 24 y 48 Joules).
  • Self-tightening grips with adjustable closing pressure to clamp the sample.
  • RS-232 for PC and USB connection to printer