Digital Distilling Unit - Super Dee

In compliance with the official methods for the determination of the alcoholic strength by volume in wines, musts and spirits (Regulation OIV) and of the volatile acidity.

COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC INSTRUMENT that allows to obtain a distillate of wine, spirits, scents or other alcoholic solutions to determinate alcoholic strength by volume.
INTEGRATED STEAM GENERATOR directly connected to tap water, with user replaceable demineralisations column (autonomy 100 litres – approximately 400 analyses of volatile acidity). There is no more need of distilled water. After the distillation the instrument automatically locks to avoid any waste of water.
Available also without generator (mod. SDEE/SV).

  • Distillation of wines: 100 ml in 3÷4 minutes – 200 ml in 6÷7 minutes
  • Volatile acidity: 250 ml in 6÷7 minutes
  • Distillation of spirits: 4÷8 minutes
  • AISI 316 stainless steel framework
  • New vertical sliding transparent protection
  • New phial with enlarged drainage to distillate wine lees and grape pulp
  • New system rapid and operational (one hand operation) for holding the glassware. It inhibits the distillation if the glassware is not present
  • New shower for washing the phial with flow regulation
  • Magnetic filter at the inlet of the water for stopping heavy particles
  • Automatic stop of the instrument after the distillation: no wasting of water
  • Functional requirement for cooling water:
    • T max = 20°C
    • press min. = 1,5 bar
    • flow min. = 5 litres/min

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