Plasma pretreatment on electronic devices & PCB's

Openair-Plasma® is one of the most efficient surface treatment technologies for cleaning, activating, and coating materials.

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Openair® Plasma Systems provides improved surface adhesion for micro-electronic devices & PCB‘s.

  • Eliminates all organic and silicone based contaminants
  • Activates the surface by introducing oxygen in form of hydroxyl and ketonic groups
  • Effectively removes electro-statically attracted dust.
  • Replaces VOC-based cleaning processes.
  • Perfect pretreatment for ; wire bonding, soldering, conformal coating, underfill, potting and encapsulation.

The new PlasmaPlus® Protection Coating enables utilizing a high-energy content of the Openair® Plasma, a thin solvent-free Plasma polymer coating applied to certain selective position. It offers maximum protection for PCB (printed circuit bord) and LED applications.