Test equipment for 'tethered caps', the new standard in 2024.

The EU will ban loose closures and bottle caps from 2024. To combat litter and plastic pollution, producers will have to ensure that closures and caps are and will remain attached to their (drink) bottle. These so-called 'tethered caps' will therefore increasingly be used as mandatory. Rycobel can also provide you with the necessary test equipment for these tethered caps.

Opening force or torque of tethered caps

Tms5010 2

Just like with classic screw caps and closures, Steinfurth's TMS (Torque Measuring System) screw cap testers can determine the opening force of 'Tethered caps'.

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Determine tensile force of caps with 'Snap-Click' system

One of the many tests performed with our universal test machines / tensile testing machines is the tensile test. In the case of caps with 'snap-click' system, we test the tensile force in order to open the cap or to subject the connection between cap and bottle to a tensile test.