SDL Atlas Introduces Textender Static Elongation Instrument

SDL Atlas’ latest instrument, the Textender, is designed to evaluate the stretch, recovery, and growth properties of fabrics, especially those used in sportswear and athleisure clothing.

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The Textender meets both the ASTM D2594 and ASTM D3107 standards, which historically require two different testers. The new design also meets the modified requirements of a number of renowned retailers of knitted and woven fabrics made from stretch yarns.

In order to meet the testing needs of any laboratory environment, the Textender is supplied in three configurations, movable wheeled six-stations unit (three stations per side), movable wheeled three-stations unit, and wall-mounted three-stations unit.

Textender is supplied in three configurations

The Textender provides accurate and reliable testing results through the use of precision multifunction station timers. Each timer can be operated independently and remotely, allowing the operator the flexibility of leaving the testing area during the test duration.

Three optional weights 8, 3 and 1 pounds can be combined to perform a variety of specific tests including ASTM test methods. Optional evaluation rulers and a custom designed bench marking template can be supplied for performing sample measurements both before and after testing.

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