Meet the new LED Colour Assessment Cabinets

VeriVide’s Colour Assessment Cabinets are an indispensable tool for colour assessment, colour quality control and comparisons of colour variation. A range of LED options are now available to accurately replicate LED Point of Sale (P.O.S) lighting to a tight tolerance. The stability and longevity of our light sources creates excellent viewing conditions for reliable colour critical decisions under

standardised lighting. This ensures agreement and consistency through global supply chains, helping to highlight product quality issues, such as metamerism, at the earliest opportunity.

Veri Vide Cac Led Datasheet 2018

Conform international standards

VeriVide’s range of colour assessment cabinets are designed to match the viewing conditions and spectral qualities of the standard illuminants as specified according to the ISO/CIE standards. They also conform to all major international standards for visual evaluation, including ASTM, AS, BSI, DIN and ISO. VeriVide’s own industry leading daylight simulator gives accurate colour reproduction across the colour spectrum.

LED technology

The unique LED technology eliminates distracting shadows (fringing) in the assessment area, whilst providing lighting to an internationally recognised standard for 3000/3500/4000K sources.

Why Choose VeriVide CAC-LED

VeriVide’s new LED technology works to tighter tolerances than other aftermarket LED alternatives and does not suffer from the fringing effect associated with alternative systems. VeriVide LED technology also avoids traditional concerns with flickering, which disrupts visual assessment and the operator’s ability to make accurate colour decisions.

Veri Vide Cac Led Datasheet 2018 2

Replicates Point of Sale LED Lighting

Visualise and assess samples exactly as they appear in modern LED lit stores. Retail lighting is changing rapidly with eco friendly LED’s increasingly replacing fluorescent lighting. This poses a challenge to retailers and their supply chains which is now met by VeriVide’s CAC-LED visual assessment range, which for the first time incorporates a range of tight tolerance LED light sources.

Lamp usage

Fluorescent lamps should be replaced after 2000 hours of use or annually. LED modules can last up to 10x longer, however they should be assessed and measured annually by a trained technician to confirm conformance. The control panel includes a service indicator to signify the number of hours usage for each individual light source. The standard electrical supply is 220 V / 240 V (50 - 60 Hz). All other voltage supplies must be specified when ordering.